Published on Thursday, May 28, 2009

Students from Mrs. Kemp and Mrs. Hovie’s classes at Charlevoix Elementary school earned money by having popcorn and lemonade sales this year through the Learn and Serve Grant program. The money that they earned was to be donated to Kali’s Cure for Paralysis Foundation. The students worked hard all year on sales and were able to present a check to Kali’s Cure for $700.00. A special thank you also goes out to volunteers Michael Keegan for popping the popcorn and Cheryl Descamps for helping with the lemonade sales. Any businesses interested in matching the kid’s donation, please contact us and secure your sponsorship signage and recognition at the Kali’s Cure Golf Outing!Popcorn_Lemonade_check

Published on Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kali’s Cure will be making a donation to Project EQL: Equipment for Quality Life at Craig Hospital in Denver, CO. This donation will help Craig provide equipment to patient leaving the rehabilitation center and SCI program. This equipment will go to individuals to help them with rehab and overall mobility. The donation will help purchase this equipment for individuals who would otherwise have difficulty gaining access to these life enhancing medical supplies. Craig Hospital is a world renown facility specializing in spinal cord injuries. For more information about Craig, please visit