Published on Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brett Olson, Corey Lockman, Joe Beaumont, Kurt Lockman, Lynnelle Rehkopf, Matt Dhaselleer, Michael Milliken, Ralph Judd and Sarah Cadwell

“The Relay Team this weekend did an unbelievable job….considering the many challenges we faced!! I ended up getting hurt and couldn’t run Sat. or Sunday, and we only started with 9 instead of 10 people. The rest of the team picked me up and brought us to the finish line on the beach just south of Traverse City Sunday at 4pm. Kurt ended up running 50 miles over the 3 days we were there, basically 2 marathons over 3 days in the rain and many of  the miles on skinny horse trails no wider than a foot!!”

-Matt Dhaselleer

Published on Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Published on Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Six friends of Kali’s Cure, calling themselves Team Kali’s Cure, have registered to run the Chicago Marathon. In an effort to raise money for the foundation, Kurt Lockman, Matt Dhaseleer, Corey Lockman, Michael Milliken, Lynnelle Rehkopf, and Sarah Cadwell have signed up to run the 26.2 mile Chicago Marathon. The team is gearing up for the event by partaking in a grueling training regimen and, even more impressively, have signed up for a 3 day relay traversing the Northern Lower Peninsula. Starting July 17th, Team Kali’s Cure will be running 290 miles from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan. The October marathon will be here before they know it!!! Show your support by sponsoring Team Kali’s Cure.