Published on Friday, March 13, 2009

Kali’s Cure is working with Dr. Raymond Onders to support diaphragmatic pacing. The diaphragmatic pacer allows individuals with spinal cord injuries that affect respiration to breathe without the use of a ventilator. The “pacer” stimulates the diaphragm to contract, allowing a more natural form of inhalation than ventilators. It offers more mobility for the user as well as a decrease in the cases of respiratory infections. Kali’s Cure is happy that we can make a direct difference in the lives of those living with SCI. This donation will provide the pacer to individuals who would otherwise not have access to this device. We will be updating this information as more surgeries take place and adding pictures and testimonials from those who have been implanted with the device. In the meantime, for more information please visit Please view this press release for more information on Dr. Onders’ work and one of his most recent surgeries.

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