Published on Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy New Year from Kali’s Cure!

We are excited to ring in 2012 with four donations to help support spinal cord recovery.  First, we are excited to make our first “local” donation to the new Wound Treatment Center at MidMichigan Medical Center-Gratiot which will be overseen by Sr. Mary Rebecca Koterba, MD.  This $15,000 donation along with $4,690 from our community matching campaign will help the center provide treatment and therapy to all patients suffering from wounds related to paralysis and many other ailments including diabetes and surgical wounds.  Due to the inability to reposition, those suffering from paralysis can develop pressure ulcers which can lead to serious complications and infections.  If untreated, they can even result in death.  Many individuals with paralysis and even diabetes, are unable to feel the wounds which can cause further tissue damage without their knowledge.  Other patients who retain the ability to feel often suffer extreme pain that can lead to serious complications.

The new wound center offers state of the art treatment including two hyperbaric oxygen chambers.  We are excited to introduce electrical stimulation as a treatment for chronic woulds to the center.  Dr. John McDonald from Kennedy-Krieger’s International Center for SCI Recovery is one of the leading doctors in the spinal cord community and the pioneer of electrical stimulation therapy.  Dr. McDonald, along with therapist Sandy Burns from the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan have offered to team up with the wound center to train and offer their expertise as it relates to electrical stimulation.  The stimulator increases blood flow to the wound resulting in faster healing.

In an effort to help find a way to reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers, Dr. Koterba has been spending her own time in the process of conducting research to create alternative sleep and seat surfaces to alleviate pressure points.  We are happy to assist her in this endeavor with a donation of an additional $15,000.

To facilitate collaboration, we are also happy to continue our support of Kennedy-Krieger’s International Center for SCI Recovery with a donation of $15,000 for their continued research of electrical stimulation and wound treatment.

Finally, for their assistance with the wound center as well as their continued efforts to find a cure for paralysis, we are happy to provide the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Fund with a donation of $50,000.  The RIM Fund will be hosting its annual Hearts of Champions Gala at the Fox Theatre in downtown Detroit on March 8th.  Kali’s Cure is happy to support this world renowned facility and honored to be recognized at the event.

Kali’s Cure is happy to start the year on such a positive note and proud to support these great programs!  We are excited for a promising and prosperous 2012 as we have many goals going forward.  We couldn’t make this happen without your help and support!  To continue our fight for a cure, we hope you will continue to support Kali’s Cure and help us spread the word!