Published on Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Shop Thru the Heart and help Kali’s Cure every time you shop online by participating in this unique opportunity known as Shop to Help Others!  Every time you shop on line at E-tailers like Amazon, Macy’s, Circuit City, Hotwire etc…and you purchase clothes, Flat screen TV’s, I Pad’s, I Phone’s, airline tickets, car rentals, hotel stays, school supplies and so on an earned commission is automatically generated and paid to the search engine you used to “navigate” to your purchase.  Now, with the help of Shop To Help Others, you can feel good every time you shop, knowing that your online purchases are making a difference!  Every time you make an on-line purchase using “Shop Thru the Heart”, they will send earned commissions generated by your purchases to Kali’s Cure!

It’s as easy as clicking a button, so why not include Shop Thru the Heart on your bookmarks toolbar?!?!  With over 500 stores and climbing, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

  1. Go to or click the link above or on our facebook page.
  2. Bookmark the Kali’s Cure page on Shop To Help Others for easy access the next time you shop.
  3. Click on the Shop Thru the Heart logo and select a store to start shopping!
  4. Each time you shop, return to your bookmark and select another store!!!

It’s so easy and you really will make a difference!!!  The average shopper generates $5 in contributions every time they shop!  If we could get 5,000 shoppers to Shop Thru the Heart even a couple times per year, Kali’s Cure would receive a projected $50,000!  It’s not only this easy for you to shop, you can post the link on your facebook page or even on your email signature and ask your friends to support Kali’s Cure and do the same!  The holidays are just around the corner and, before everyone starts their annual shopping, please familiarize them with Shop to Help Others…what better gift than to be part of the CURE?

This is also a great opportunity for businesses to help Kali’s Cure without having to write a check of their own!  Plus, they will receive the recognition that comes from supporting our organization.  If your business does a lot of online purchasing, which WILL help KC or if you would like your customers to have the opportunity to purchase from you online via Shop Thru the Heart, it is a great resource and advertising opportunity for you and Kali’s Cure.  Please contact to make this happen!