4th Annual Golf Outing




Progress in the spinal cord community moves forward as we continue our record breaking annual golf outing and auction!  The previous year has been filled with countless advancements and medical breakthroughs and Kali’s Cure has been working hard, gearing up for our annual fundraiser to help contribute to medical research and rehabilitation leading to a cure.  After last year’s record breaking golf outing, we were able to support several worthy causes which gave us the momentum we needed to move forward and ensure that this year’s 4th annual event would surpass all expectations and be another record breaker.  With the help of countless sponsors, donors and volunteers, we worked throughout the year and, when all was said and done, the 2011 event went off without a hitch!

This year’s event, which took place on July 31st at Dunmaglas Golf Club, followed the traditional four man scramble format and the weekend adhered to the same schedule as previous years.  Friends and supporters from across the country made their way to Northern Michigan Friday evening for a cocktail party to kickoff the weekend and welcome new attendees as everyone looked forward to Saturday’s big event.

As golfers arrived at the course, PGA star Dan Pohl offered tips on the driving range which were sure to help shave a couple swings off of everyone’s score!  Fortunately, it was a gorgeous day and we had a full course for the shotgun start.  Golfers enjoyed a competitive scramble and took advantage of the many volunteers offering beverages on the course!  They were also met by Captain Wade Varner who made his way around the course selling mulligans throughout the day!  Sporting his military fatigues, it didn’t take much convincing to make the sale!  What better way to improve your odds of winning the championship than taking advantage of this additional opportunity to support Kali’s Cure!

As golfers made their way back to the clubhouse, additional guests were pouring in for the evening’s dinner and auction where Ryan Boge, Devin Neff, Kyle Mason and Jay Laffoon were recognized as our champs!  Everybody was enjoying the evening and stories from the course grew as the night progressed and the line lengthened at the bar!  All of the guests enjoyed milling through our great and generously donated auction items while catching up with friends and taking the opportunity to talk sports with some of our special guests including, Gordon Johncock, Bill (Huge) Simonson, Dan Pohl, and Frank Beckmann.

As dinner wound down, the silent auction concluded and Frank Beckmann started the evening off by introducing recipients of the 2011 donations.  Dr. Raymond Onders of University Hospitals joined us again this year and happily accepted a check for $75,000 to continue his work with the diaphragmatic pacing program, a program that Kali’s Cure has supported since our incorporation and has led to children world-wide coming off the ventilator.  Another $75,000 check was received by Kennedy Krieger’s world renowned Dr. John McDonald.  He spoke about the functional electrical stimulation research the donation would help support.   Finally, Jim Anderson of Urban Science accepted a check on behalf Life Beyond Barriers.  With the proceeds from last year’s golf outing, Kali’s Cure was able to support LBB, a program that will work in conjunction with the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan to help our paralyzed soldiers.

Hearing from our guest speakers, was the perfect way to motivate the crowd and get them energized for the lively and competitive auction which went down in the record books as the most profitable to date.  Thanks to the generosity of so many supporters, with less than 2% in TOTAL expenses, we made over $173,000 to help us take one step closer to the Cure!

Isaac in pool

Thanks to our donations to the Diaphragmatic Pacing Program, Dr. Onders is now able to implant children world wide with the pacer.  Isaac is just one example of how his work is changing the lives of all those who would otherwise be stuck on a ventilator.  Who would have thought Isaac would ever be able to swim in the pool and play with his siblings again!