Meet Our Veterans

small flagKali’s Cure is proud to support our Veterans.  They have the courage and patriotism to risk their lives for those they have never known and to preserve freedom for generations to come.

There is no way to truly express our gratitude for their service and sacrifice, however, we would appreciate your support in our continued effort to provide more chairs.

George Beecher:  A Marine Corps Veteran from the Vietnam War whose injury occurred after his artillery battalion had been firing all afternoon and night to protect an LZ from the Viet Cong when the impact from an early Howitzer shot caused severe damage to his spine. Fortunately, when George returned, he was able to thrive at a fulfilling job but, over the years, his pain continued to increase and, due to his degenerative spinal cord disease, he is now unable to walk more than 50 feet but is anxiously awaiting his track chair’s arrival in February.  In the meantime, he enjoys spending time with his wonderful family including 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren.

Dean Cutler:  Dean, who resides in Pentwater Township, is currently the Chaplin of VFW Post 6017.  He is grateful for the support and work of the Independence Fund as well as Kali’s Cure.  He is looking forward to receiving his track chair soon!

Philip Keilman:  After volunteering for the Army during Vietnam, Phil spent two combat tours in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.  Since suffering an above the knee amputation and PTSD, he is currently 100% disabled.  However, he doesn’t let it hold him back from doing the things he enjoys, although he admits it’s just a bit more challenging!  He is an avid outdoorsman who was actually temporarily paralyzed after a hunting accident this season!  Most importantly, however, he enjoys spending time with his children.

Dave Selvig:  Dave has been enjoying this cold and snowy winter as he is once again able to take part in a favorite family tradition…deer hunting with his daughter! DSC_1123 1 This picture shows the amazing things these chairs can do, but only provides a glimpse into the life of the hero who operates it!