Our Mission

The purpose of the organization is to assist in the financial support of spinal cord research and ultimately the cure for paralysis while simultaneously helping individuals who are afflicted with the disability.  It is not the intent of the organization to solely affiliate itself with one avenue of research or place of rehabilitation but to instead make resources available to several organizations,
facilities and individuals.


More About KC

Thank you for visiting our site! Kali’s Cure for Paralysis was founded in 2008 with the hopes and beliefs that, one day soon, there will be a cure for paralysis. After suffering a paralyzing diving accident in 2006, Kali Pung spent time in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities across the country. During her stays at several different facilities, Kali saw the best and worst that medicine had to offer. She also realized that, despite a horrible situation, she was fortunate in many ways. After realizing that not everyone had the same support system and opportunities that were available to her, Kali knew she wanted to do something to help others in similar situations. Fortunately, friends and family jumped on board to help and Kali’s Cure was born.

It is the intent of Kali’s Cure to help fund spinal cord hospitals and rehabilitation centers as well as spinal cord research to better the lives of those living with paralysis and to ultimately be part of the cure. Although doctors had given the Pung family little hope, Kali has seen some improvement that doctors said would never be possible. Although Kali remains paralyzed from the neck down, this progress reaffirms her belief that there will one day be a cure and acts as a catalyst to energize the members of Kali’s Cure to work towards that goal!

We have all met or know of someone who has suffered a spinal cord injury. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could help better the life of someone living with paralysis? Even better, wouldn’t it make you proud to say, sometime in the future, that you helped find a cure for paralysis? Kali’s Cure is doing its part by creating and hosting a variety of fundraisers and events to raise money for worthy causes. Through the help of many volunteers and countless donors, Kali’s Cure has been able to operate with minimal overhead costs, allowing almost all money raised to go directly to the cause.

To learn more about paralysis, Kali’s story, and how you can help, please explore the rest of our site! We have many exciting fundraisers and opportunities for everyone to get involved and spread the word.