Beating the odds, one step at a time.

Kali's Story

Kali Pung

After suffering a paralyzing diving accident in 2006, Kali Pung spent time in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities across the country. During her stay at several different facilities Kali saw the best and worst that medicine had to offer. She also realized that, despite a horrible situation, she was fortunate in many ways. After realizing that not everyone had the same support system and opportunities that were available to her, Kali knew she wanted to do something to help others in similar situations. Fortunately, friends and family jumped on board to help and Kali’s Cure was born.

Doctors had given the Pung family little hope, but Kali has seen improvement that doctors said would never be possible. Although Kali remains paralyzed from the neck down this progress reaffirms her belief that there will one day be a cure and acts as a catalyst to energize the members of Kali’s Cure to work towards that goal!

In September 2016, Fox Sports Detroit's MGL featured a full episode dedicated to Kali's story.  Watch the full episode here!