Beating the odds, one step at a time.


The Mission of Kali's Cure

The purpose of the organization is to assist in the financial support of spinal cord research and ultimately the cure for paralysis while simultaneously helping individuals who are afflicted with the disability. It is not the intent of the organization to solely affiliate itself with one avenue of research or place of rehabilitation, but to instead make resources available to countless organizations, facilities, and individuals.

Supported Paralysis Facilities

Over the years, we have proudly supported research, rehabilitation, medical professionals, and hospitals including:

  • Craig Hospital
  • The Diaphragmatic Pacing Program at Case Western
  • The Independence Corps
  • The Independence Fund
  • Karting2Live
  • Kennedy Krieger’s International Center for SCI
  • Life Beyond Barriers
  • MidMichigan - Gratiot Wound Center
  • The Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Fund
  • Stand Up and Play Foundation
  • UC Regents- Division of Neurosurgery

This would not be possible without your help!  We continue to search for new programs in need of support and remain committed to the programs mentioned above.  We ask for your support in helping us grow and welcome your advice as we canvas the reports of other needy programs.