Beating the odds, one step at a time.

2017 Golf Outing

Thank You!


Another year is behind us and, thanks to the generous support of countless people around the country, our 10th anniversary event was a huge success!  In addition to the return of many dedicated friends of the CURE, it is inspiring to report that this was a record breaker for both new donors and new golfers.  It is always an honor to see so many returning friends dedicated to the cure, but seeing the foundation grow really energizes us to set our new goals higher and strive to surpass them!  

The 10th anniversary event raised approximately $270,000!  What an amazing outpouring of support!  Thanks to our countless sponsors, auction contributors, event attendees and volunteers, we hosted another terrific event and adhered to our goal of keeping expenses to a bare minimum!  To commemorate the beginning of our 10th year of giving to worthy SCI programs, we thought it was the perfect time to acknowledge Dr. Onders and the Pacing Program with a $100,000 donation!  This donation truly represented the growth of both Kali’s Cure and Dr. Onders’ Diaphragm Pacing which we have supported since day one, when we were a brand-new foundation and DPP was yet to be FDA approved!  We have both flourished since that time and it has truly been an honor to have a part in the program which is now even FDA approved for children! 

Over the years, Kali’s Cure has done its best to diversify and develop other unique ways to also help better the lives of those currently living with paralysis as we wait for the ever-nearing CURE!  We are in the process of ironing out the details in order to hopefully donate 5 track chairs to the State of Michigan’s DNR where they would be placed at 5 state parks to offer paralyzed individuals the opportunity to, once again, access Michigan’s great outdoors.  Currently, Michigan is one of the least accessible states so, if we can iron out the details, Kali’s Cure could help begin to change the tides with this generous $100,000 donation!  Imagine regaining the ability to go hunting, fishing or even just exploring again or, even more liberating, to have those experiences for the first time ever. 

There is no way we could ever begin to thank everyone for helping make this event such a success, let alone all of those who have been part of the CURE in some way.  We would like to take a moment to acknowledge our hosts, Michigan’s own Frank Beckmann and PGA legend Dan Pohl.  They have championed the event since the moment they heard the words, Kali’s Cure!  We would also like to thank two other special individuals, Bill “Huge” Simonson and (newer to the foundation) Bill Hobson, who have been tirelessly promoting Kali’s Cure across the state! 

Thank you for being part of our 10th anniversary even and, more importantly, thank you for believing that a cure is just around the corner!  With your continued support, we will remain dedicated to do our part until the fight has been won!

The planning for next year’s event on Saturday, August 4th, 2018 is already underway!  We will continue to send out reminders and updates throughout the year as well as information relating to other fundraisers and new advancements in the SCI field.  Please take a moment to watch the slideshow from the event!