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2020 Golf Outing Cancellation

KC Golf Outing Cancellation


We hope this golf outing update finds you healthy and as minimally affected as possible by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Since the onset of this tragic virus, we have been keeping our KC family in our thoughts and prayers.  We understand the devastation caused by the virus and subsequent shut down has been felt by everyone and we mourn all those we've lost. Although we are definitely still battling the disease, it is promising to see all the advancements being made with many states finally opening and activities/industries resuming. It is inspiring to witness this unparalleled 'all hands on deck' relationship and cooperation between the private sector and government in their race for a vaccine and other therapeutics.  During this time, many events have been canceled.  Fortunately, our all-volunteer planning/preparation team and very low expense rate allowed us to wait as long as possible before making a decision. Although it is exciting to see the economy opening again, we, especially in Michigan, are well aware there is no guarantee all industries and areas necessary to hold the outing will be open. Unfortunately, at this time, we believe the safest course of action is to cancel this year's outing.  

This was an extremely challenging decision to make and all options were revisited countless times before coming to this conclusion. The annual event is something we plan and look forward to all year long. There's nothing like seeing all our returning friends and new supporters come together to see one another and support the cause. YOU will definitely be missed, however, we are already making plans for the 2021 golf outing on August 7, 2021 which we hope will be bigger and better than ever!

Covid-19 Donation


In light of the overwhelming economic impact of Covid-19, many foundations have seen a tremendous decline in donations.  As such, we feel there is no better time to help!  We will be contributing $50,000 to Diaphragm Pacing and $50,000 to the Craig Hospital Foundation.  Those with paralysis (especially those on ventilators or pacers) are particularly susceptible to respiratory illness.  We hope these donations will aid in protecting this vulnerable population at a time when other organizations may not be able to help.  Without your most generous contributions over the years, it would not be possible for Kali's Cure to continue supporting these important causes.  

Please know, we will continue to keep you informed about the 2021 Kali's Cure Golf Outing (August 7, 2021) and any other events, as well as the ways we are trying to help during this very difficult time.  



Golf Outing and Auction

August 7, 2021