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Matching to Make a Difference

Kali's Cure Presents $31,132 to Dr. Onders' DPP


Thanks to the generous Kali's Cure supporters who contributed to our end of year initiative to raise money for Diaphragm Pacing, we brought in a total of $15,566!  We were so inspired by our benevolent donors that we matched it and are excited to announce a total  gift of $31,132 to Dr. Onders' DPP!  


"The Diaphragm Pacing Program at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center has been generously supported by Kali's Cure since its inception. Diaphragm pacing is technology that can be an alternative or adjunctive therapy to positive pressure ventilation. An electrical stimulus is delivered to surgically implanted electrodes that cause diaphragm contraction and breathing. It can remove patients from tracheostomies and mechanical ventilation which is life changing.

As one of the original clinical trial participants, Kali learned and experienced first-hand how diaphragm pacing can change a life. Through her generous donors and contributions we were able to expand our program to include pediatric spinal cord injured patients. In addition to traumatic spinal cord injuries, we have been able to help children with other pediatric neuromuscular diseases. Breathing with a diaphragm pacer is quiet breathing, it allows freedom and independence the mechanical ventilator does not and it expands activities including ongoing physical therapy. Donations received by Kali's Cure allow us to continue our research, as well as deliver equipment and supplies to patients throughout the United States, educate and support providers and offer families ongoing support on the care and use of diaphragm pacing. On behalf of our patients and our program, we are grateful for Kali's Cure and your support." 

--Mary Jo Elmo, CNP