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Under the Radar Michigan

KC Donates 5 track chairs to MI State Parks!

As we announced during the 2017 event, we continued to work with the DNR and finalized a program where we donated the funds to purchase 5 track chairs! Five State Parks in Michigan, now, provide opportunities for those with paralysis (and other debilitating diseases) to do everything from joining family vacations to hunting, fishing, driving the trails and even using them to continue their physical therapy.  To learn more about the chairs and how to reserve them, please visit the MI DNR page.  To help us continue to support those living with paralysis, please DONATE to Kali's Cure.

See how Kali's Cure is helping make Michigan State Parks accessible to everyone! Watch this episode of Under the Radar Michigan which highlights our efforts. 

Check your local PBS listings for more information:

Tuesday 11/5

830pm - Q-TV Delta College Public Broadcasting