Beating Odds

Everyday, there are terrifying and life altering challenges for newly afflicted patients, individuals overcoming insurmountable odds on their road to recovery and increasing numbers of medical breakthroughs.  At Kali’s Cure, we remain inspired by the heroic stories of people beating the odds and realize that, without support from private foundations and dedicated individuals, many of these medical achievements would not be occurring on such a frequent basis.  The support that we receive from people like YOU helps ensure our ability to remain committed to countless organizations, contributing their piece of the puzzle.

Over the years, we are proud to have supported research, rehabilitation, medical professionals and hospitals including:

Craig Hospital

The Diaphragmatic Pacing Program at Case Western


Kennedy Krieger’s International Center for SCI

Life Beyond Barriers

MidMichigan-Gratiot Wound Center

The Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Fund

This would not be possible without your help!  We continue to search for new programs in need of support and remain committed to the programs mentioned above.  We ask for your support in helping us grow and welcome your advice as we canvas the reports of other needy programs.

Read about a select few individuals who continue to inspire us as they are beating the odds one step at a time.