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2014 Golf Outing and Auction

Thank You!


Another successful golf outing is behind us and a great time was had by all!  Without the support and dedication of so many great friends of Kali’s Cure, none of this would be possible.  In fact, we raised almost $215,000!

Despite a full course and even a couple new teams, last year’s winners held on to the prize!  This team actually holds quite a few records including greatest total number of miles traveled to attend the event.  The Porter, Porter, Barkman and Hoogerland team “bid” on famed special guest PGA star Dan Pohl who might have had just a little influence on the win!  We had many faithful returning teams and special guests.

As always, we were both happy and fortunate that some of the recipients of the contributions we present are able to join us and give us updates regarding promising breakthroughs in the spinal cord community. We welcomed a new guest, all the way from California, Dr. Justin Brown.  Dr. Brown talked to the crowd about the amazing new technique of nerve transplant surgery.  We were also happy to welcome back Patrick Rummerfield who everyone remembers is the first paralyzed individual to fully recover!  Kali’s Cure was happy to present Dr. Brown and Patrick (on behalf of Kennedy Krieger) checks for $20,000 each!  Although Dr. Onders was unable to make it as he was being honored at a medical conference, he was the recipient of a $50,000 Kali’s Cure contribution.  The Independence Fund has become very important to Kali’s Cure and, prior to the outing, we had already donated 10 chairs in just one year!  We had decided to donate $30,000 for an additional two chairs, however, we wanted to give the crowd the opportunity to bid on a chair.  Al and Deb Kommel immediately accepted this challenge, allowing us to increase our donation to 3 chairs!  However, that opportunity still exists and we are hoping to pull together enough funds by Saturday, September 20th to bump it up to a total of 5 chairs!  It’s quite the goal but friends of Kali’s Cure always rise to the occasion.

Honorary Board

Every year, Frank Beckmann contributes his all and rallies the troops to do the same!  There’s never a dull moment with Frank…he keeps us all on our toes and he’s definitely done a great job of getting us all to dig into our pocket books!  After years of Frank giving so much, we wanted to find a way to thank him for his generosity and all that he has done so we made him the first Honorary Board Member.  We couldn’t be happier that he accepted and is now an even bigger part of Kali’s Cure!