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Tri for Kali's Cure

Tri for Kali’s Cure

On July 24th, friends of Kali’s Cure competed in the “Sprint” portion of the Lexington Triathlon!  The event consisted of a 500m swim, 11 mile bike ride and a 5K run.  Angela Stoutenberg put together this event and recruited friends and family 8 teams, consisting of a total of 23 members!  The teams trained tirelessly right up to the event and braved overcast weather, all to support Kalil’s Cure!  Although the event has already taken place, it’s not too late to contribute.   If you would like to help sponsor Angie and friends, please support the Tri for Kali’s Cure by clicking the donate button and include “Tri for Kali” as the reason for the donation!  A special thanks to the Stoutenberg family for supporting Kali’s Cure in the Lexington Triathlon!!!

Thank you to all the athletes, including those listed below, that have bravely joined the triathlon on behalf of Kali’s Cure!!!

Gassan Alaouie

Sonny Assar

Zoby Assar

Kala Bollon

Mary Ellen Brennan

Gretchen Craig

Yvonne Duncan

Brad Gomoluch

Stephanie Gomoluch

Vincent Grant

Brent Hanchey

Tonya Kaufman

Kurt Kreger

Shannon Kreger

Ashley Marcol

Mickelle Provost

Scott Provost

Christie Serniak

Leslie Slanec

Angie Stoutenburg

Carolyn Stoutenburg

Clint Stoutenburg