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Happy Veteran’s Day

Kali’s Cure proudly continued supporting the Independence Fund, an all-volunteer organization working tirelessly to ensure all paralyzed and amputee Veterans receive their own all-terrain track chair!

Amazingly, in just over a year, Kali’s Cure raised $210K for the purchase of 14 track chairs!

Kali’s Cure is proud to continue supporting our wounded and paralyzed Veterans whenever possible.  Thanks to the heroic actions and unbelievable sacrifices of our Military members, we have the luxury and comfort of living in the greatest country known to man.  There is no greater gift than freedom and no better time than now to honor those who have continued to preserve it.

We are grateful for the bond we have developed with the Independence Fund, another organization guided by similar characteristics and principles.  Like Kali’s Cure, they operate with minimal expenses and have no paid employees.  Their all volunteer Veterans have done an amazing job, raising money and awareness for their campaign to provide track chairs for all critically wounded and paralyzed Veterans.

Although we have known our support is going to a great cause, we are excited to introduce the Michigan recipients of some of the track chairs we have donated.  Putting a face and name with these heroes and hearing their stories makes it all worthwhile!

A special thanks to just some of our Michigan Veterans who have received chairs thanks to your support, including George Beecher, Dean Cutler, Dave Selvig and Philip Keilman.  Please “meet” our Veterans!

If you are interested in helping purchase an additional chair, please make your contribution now!

Contact with the amount of your commitment or send checks to Kali’s Cure:

5457 Blue Heron Dr. Alma MI, 48801

Thanks to the unwavering support we received from so many determined individuals, our effort to purchase additional track chairs was a huge success.  Throughout the month of August we were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm behind this endeavor.  When all was said and done, we were able to donate an additional 5 chairs for a total contribution of 8 track chairs to the Independence Fund for our heroic paralyzed and amputee Veterans.  It was not only an honor to present our donation during a Gary Sinise benefit concert at the Citadel but to be part of this important national campaign!  We couldn’t have done it without your support. 


Recently, there has been momentum behind an initiative to ensure that all of our paralyzed and amputee soldiers are able to have their own all terrain track chairs.  The specialized chairs allow them access to locations that other chairs simply cannot reach.  This allows our soldiers to venture out into the wilderness with family and friends to participate in activities they enjoyed prior to their injury.  The chairs also enable them to get out during the icy winter months and not only give back a small piece of normalcy but also offer great forms of both mental and physical rehabilitation.  Unfortunately, the chairs are very expensive at $15,000 a piece.  Although we were excited to donate three chairs, we know how generous our supporters are and, given the opportunity, they too would want to do their part and so can you!  Thanks to Jim and Patti Anderson and Bruce and Mary Ann Becker, we were able to purchase an additional 2 track chairs.  These dedicated supporters generously pledged their support within seconds of this “auction” style opportunity!  After the evening’s conclusion, many of our guests asked how they could help.  Before we make our donation, we want to see just how much Kali’s Cure supporters can combine to purchase even more chairs!!!  There is no amount too large or small…all generous contributions are welcome and needed.